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tip: how to choose the right foundation

Posted on: May 18, 2011

for me, this has got to be one of the hardest and most challenging thing to do when purchasing a beauty item… choosing the right foundation!

there are a lot of reasons why it’s so difficult, and at the top of my head, i can think of the following:

1. makeup sales reps who keeps pushing the wrong foundie shade. i made this mistake so many times before *sigh* when i was younger and when i still didn’t know better, i would rely on sales reps to choose the right foundie color for me… i wasted sooo much money.

2. poor lighting inside the stores. (MAC store in rockwell, im talking to you). it is super important that your foundation looks natural in ANY lighting… most makeup stores have poor lighting that it’s very hard to see how your foundation looks like.

3. not knowing your own skin. one of the problem i always hear from friends is that their makeup changes color over time. here’s the thing… it might NOT be your makeup. it can possibly be your skin. some people are more acidic than others which tend to make their makeup oxidize more, which results to foundation looking darker in their skin. also it’s good to know your skin type (oily, dry, combi?) so that you can choose the right formula.

so here are my tips (lessons learned thru the years) when you’re purchasing a foundation:

tip 1: start by asking the sales rep which foundation will work best with your skin type. ALWAYS ask the sales rep to try foundation on your face AND neck. your WRIST, the back of your PALM and your FINGER are not good representatives of your face color!

start by asking the sales rep to swatch at least 2 colors of foundation near your jaw line. compare the two colors and see which one actually DISAPPEARS / BLENDS into your skin. if you can still see where the sales rep applied the foundation, then that’s definitely NOT the right color for you.

tip 2: when you find a foundation that actually blends well with your skin, ask the sales rep to match test it with your neck. your face color SHOULD match your neck color. same principle as the jaw line… make sure that the color blends into your skin. you should not be able to see where the foundation was applied.

tip 3: when the foundation passed both tests, ask the sales rep to apply foundation to the rest of your face. you need to see how it will look like, overall. ask them to apply lightly / heavily depending on your preference and how you would wear the foundation on a day to day basis

tip 4: check the color in different lighting. when i go to mac makati branch, i would check the foundation in the mirrors inside the store (warm toned) and just outside (cool toned).

tip 5: LEAVE the store. yup, leave. 🙂 tell the sales rep that you want to check if your face will oxidize and also you want to check if your face will react to the foundation before purchasing. tell them you will be back either on the same day or on the following day. NOTE: some sales rep can be snobbish and might make taray. don’t mind them. at the end of the day, its YOUR money you are spending.

walk around the mall or outside to give time for the foundation to set. take min 1 hour to one day (to test for any reactions). check if there is anything you DON’T like. did it become too oily? did it settle into fine lines? if you have any concerns, go back to the store and check with the makeup artist.

tip 6: when you think everything is good and great. it’s finally time to BUY! 🙂

hope this tip is helpful. sorry for the super long post! 🙂

if you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below. thanks!




4 Responses to "tip: how to choose the right foundation"

Lol at tip # 5. 😀 Great tips by the way!

This is so helpful. I recently purchased a super wrong shade of liquid foundation (my first!) because I trusted the SA too much. hahay. expensive pa naman. Thanks, anyhoo!

yikes! hate it when that happens! try returning it! baka pwede pa 🙂

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