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review: wet n wild color icon in vanity

Posted on: May 18, 2011

got this palette from watson’s for 400 plus bucks. this is actually my first wnw purchase.

they have different shadow palettes but since im a sucker for earth-toned colors i got this:

wet n wild vanity palette

comes in 3 matte and 3 shimmer colors (not glittery)

it says all day crease resistant color

colors are really pretty

what i like:

for a drug store product, it is very pigmented! i don’t need to pile on the product to get the color effect that i want. plus it stays on the whole day.

the color is universal… this will suit all skin tone

the shimmer colors are just sooo beautiful

read somewhere that these can pass as dupes for mac eyeshadows… but since i don’t have a lot of mac shadows, i can’t attest to that.

what i don’t like:

the packaging is a bit flimsy. im scared i might break it.

the colors are a bit hard to blend.

mrskendz’ verdict: recommended. this is a nice palette to have for every day use. good for beginners too. for the price, this is really worth it.

i would give this a higher rating but im just too in love with my urban decay naked palette 🙂


2 Responses to "review: wet n wild color icon in vanity"

I will definitely get one for myself. I love earth-toned colors too!

Thanks for blogging about this. 🙂

Maybe I should try to get one for myself 😉 I was planning to add some since I have a few Ellana MMU eyeshadow on my “vanity” kit

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