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tip: color coding

Posted on: May 25, 2011

having a very bad week 😦 been away for a while coz i was (and still am) sick 😦 had a bad bout of flu with a VERY bad case of cough… and my face is acting up because of all the meds i have been taking. i cant remember when was the last time my skin was this bad!!! 😦 because of that, i can’t post tutorials for this week. i want to wait for my face to calm down before i do tutorials with pictures. *sorry about that*

anyway… sorry for the short rant. just had to let it out. now… on with the topic.

a reader of this blog asked me to do color recommendations for different skin tones – to help her choose the right colors when buying makeup. actually i really don’t think there is a right or wrong color, it’s really more on how a person wear the color and how she balances the whole look :p

this is really a hard topic! lol i thought it would be easy but i have been staring at the computer for 5 mins and i still haven’t written anything! LOL

okay here goes:

EYES – earth toned colors (such as gold, bronze, brown, beige, gray, coral, etc) work well with any skin color – from fair to medium to dark. 🙂  it’s your safest bet when u are just starting with makeup. im not a fan of pastel-colored eyeshadow, especially on morena skin. i think it washes out the face and it’s not really flattering. but again, to each his own 🙂 i do however, think that white/silver eyeshadow with black eyeliner and red bold lips look amazing! 🙂 on the other hand, if you are going for smokey eyes, try to keep the rest of your face simple. highlight only one area of your face.

CHEEKS – the best tip i have read is that your blush should mimic the color of your cheeks after exercising! :p try bending over for 10 seconds and then stand straight. try to capture the color of cheeks then. that should be the color of your blush! 🙂 hehe nice tip no? anyway, to make your life simple here are some tips…

for fairer skin, go for lighter pink or peach colors as as these will look most natural on your cheeks. try avoiding dark blushes – should you want to wear darker blushes, pls do so with light hands. you don’t want to look like someone slapped you on the face! :p

for morena to dark skin – pls stay away from chalky / light colored blushes. they will do NOTHING for you. it will just look too fake. try using rose or coral colored blushes instead.

i love her makeup here!!!

LIPS – argh i can’t say anything about lips. it really depends on the person really. bobbi brown always says that the lip color should be exactly the same color of your natural lips – a shade darker if you’re going out at night. :p but if you guys want to experiment i think experimenting with lip colors is the best! 🙂 who can resist a nice tube of lipstick / gloss right??? 🙂

anyway… i hope you guys enjoyed this blog. i don’t think it’s too helpful but i hope you did get something out of it hehe. just leave a comment or two if you have any questions or added tips!

take care!




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hi mrskendz, my name is gary and i’m from I got your contact from Neva of manilamommy? Was wondering how to email you? thank you very much!

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