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review: MAC paint pots

Posted on: May 27, 2011

i have just recently discovered the advantages of using eye primers! aside from making your eye makeup last longer, eye primers also help intesify the color of your shadows. i have been using NARS Pro-Prime Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base and i’m super happy with it. BUT it’s too expensive for everyday use! so after seeing several makeup gurus in youtube using MAC paint pots as their eyeshadow bases, i decided to try.

i got two colors, painterly and barestudy. painterly is described as nude beige while bare study is a soft beige with gold pearl (from

painterly on the left and bare study on the right

here are some swatches:

very heavy swatches :p

lighter swatches – this is all you need for the eye

what i like:

1. a little goes a looonnnggggg way! i dont think i can ever finish a pot!

2. with paint pots, eyeshadows become smude-proof

3, the texture is creamy and is not hard to blend

what i don’t like:

1. my eyeshadow still creases which sucks 😦

2. painterly looks horrible in me if i wear it alone. it just looks weird! i think this suits fairer skin better

3. the pots are heavy and are made of glass – so have to be extra careful

4. paint pots change the color of your eyeshadows. refer to picture below:

the three eyeshadows on the left are all the same color… on the right, from top to bottom, i used Nars, MAC bare study and MAC painterly. as you can see… the best replica of the original color is the one with Nars as base. bare study added a golden sheen to the eyeshadow while painterly made it look more plum-ish.

mrskendz’ verdict: recommended

if you can live with the slight and subtle changes in the color of your eyeshadows, then i think paint pots are good bases for every day use. they do help intensify the colors of your shadows and make them smudge-proof. however, be wary that if you will be out for more than 8 hours, your eyeshadow WILL crease. best solution, pat your eye lids with your ring finger and try to blend out the crease.

each pot costs P1,100 at MAC stores.

but if you have extra cash, i would highly recommend getting the Nars primer instead. Better quality and better performance. I can’t remember the exact price but i think one wand goes for P1,250 at Nars. actually come to think of it, NARS has more product in it! it’s actually 0.28oz and 8g.  so you get more for your money!

the only thing is, since it comes in a tube, im not sure how i can get to all the products inside… hmmmm


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