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review: theBalm Cabana Boy

Posted on: June 12, 2011

this is my first ever blush from theBalm which i got as part of my mini haul which i had posted recently.

cabana boy is described as a muted raspberry pink with very subtle golden sheen.

the color is build-able which is good because the color is sooo pigmented! i would suggest applying this with very light hands… especially for those with fairer skin 🙂

heavy and light swatches

this shade reminds me of nars crazed (can’t compare though coz until now, i cant get my hands on crazed! always out of stock)

what i like:

1. it doesn’t contain paraben. i think most (if not all) of the products from thebalm do not contain paraben – which is good.

2. it is also talc free – good for those with sensitive skin.

3. since you don’t need a lot of product, this blush will last you a long long long long time.

4. i love the packaging! thebalm’s packaging are so cute! very unique 🙂 the only other brand i know that has cute packaging like this is benefit 🙂

5. it’s the perfect blush for red lips! but again, you have to apply very lightly! i like applying with a stippling brush.

6. you get value for your moolah – 8.5g of blush for P850! i think that’s a steal! especially for a high-end brand like thebalm.

what i don’t like:

1. it says shadow/blush on the package… but for the life of me, i can’t imagine myself wearing this as a shadow – it’s too red! i might look like i have a disease or something hehehe.

2. cute as the packaging is, it feels a bit flimsy. made entirely of cardboard. im scared that i might tear the packaging or the cardboard might soften in time.

3. it doesn’t come with a brush so you have to buy a separate brush.

4. not available in all beauty bar branches

mrskendz’ verdict: highly recommended

i highly recommend this blush for the color, the packaging and most of all the price! i actually got one for my sis (that’s how much i like it). it is also great that the product is paraben and talc free!

for those who are a bit terrified of the color, thebalm actually has other blush colors that you can try. i just personally prefer this color 🙂

thebalm is sold at selected beauty bar outlets

(i’ll post a FOTD by today… will be going to a wedding and already planning to wear this blush)




8 Responses to "review: theBalm Cabana Boy"

Very lovely!

super loovee the color! 🙂
saw your haul post! im now curious about gilda! haha

visiting from GT here. nice blog sis!

thanks for dropping by sis! 🙂 ill add you in my blogroll ha 🙂

If the packaging is just cardboard then it’s really important to keep it somewhere where it can last. With that kind of package, I’m afraid it can absorb moisture from the environment.

yah… im so afraid to carry it around with me. :S thanks for your advice. ill add you in my blogroll ha 🙂

Hi! 🙂 Can I ask where you bought this? Thanks

hi! got it from beauty bar here in the philippines 🙂

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