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review: tony moly gel eyeliners

Posted on: July 6, 2011

a few weeks back, i posted about my mini tony moly haul – which include 2 gel eyeliners.

so finally was able to road test the products and i am ready for my review πŸ˜€

background: i love gel eyeliners! i think that it is sooo much better than a pencil eyeliner because it lasts longer and it’s better than liquid eyeliner because it is so much easier to apply.

i do have pencil and liquid eyeliners but i tend to gravitate towards my gel eyeliners more πŸ™‚

i have the blue and violet colors πŸ™‚

here are the swatches

it comes with a brush!

what i like:

1. compared to other gel eyeliners, these are really inexpensive – a pot costs P498 only!

2. they have a lot of colors to choose from. though i only have the blue and violet, i remember that they have at least 3 more colors that you can choose from.

3. very long lasting. it lasts the whole day on me.

4. water and smudge proof! no panda effect even after sweating πŸ™‚

5. the colors are pigmented

what i don’t like:

1. compared to my bobbi brown gel eyeliner, i find that the texture of these are less ‘creamy’. usually, when i dip my brush into the bobbi brown gel eyeliner, the brush tip sinks into the product. but for the tony moly gel eyeliners, it doesn’t. this is not necessary a bad thing – but i find that it’s much easier to get an even application if use the bobbi brown

2. the brush is too thick to get a precise application. i’d rather use my bobbi brown ultra fine eyeliner brush or the sigma E65.

3. though i cannot confirm this, i feel that the tony moly has a tendency to dry faster than my other gel eyeliners. everytime i use it, the product seems less creamy and more dry! (or maybe it’s my imagination??) so make sure you keep a tight lid on the product.

mrskendz’ verdict: highly recommended

having said all that, i still feel that this product is definitely worth a try! πŸ™‚ i especially like the blue color because the color is playful and it brings out the brown of my eyes.

but as with other gel eyeliners – be extra careful to keep the lid tightly closed or you’ll dry out the product. also, make sure that you clean your brush between application to prevent contamination πŸ˜‰

i’ll post a short tutorial on how to apply eyeliners soon. i am still trying to figure out how best to do so (pictures vs. video???).

anyway, i do hope you guys liked this review!

today was a tough day and im so ready for my beauty sleep :p good night peeps!



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