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a run down on NARS blushes

Posted on: July 22, 2011

sorry if i’ve been gone for a while, went on a short vacation and got too busy at work to post. you can read about our trip here.

when i posted my NARS collection post, a few fellow bloggers and beauty enthusiasts asked me for recommendations on what NARS blush will work best for their skintone. to help them out, i decided to take pictures of individual blushes + swatches. i’ll also include color recommendations for each type of skintones (fair, medium, morena).

(in alphabetical order, descriptions are as per

amour: peachy pink

great for all skin-tones but fairer skin should apply with very light hand. i found it hard to take a picture of amour, it looks almost the same as some of the other blushes! but this is my current favorite Nars blush 🙂

angelika: cotton candy pink with gold and silver sparkle (right side of the picture)

angelika is VERY similar to mata hari. mata hari is matte while angelika has glitters. i think this blush will work for most skin tones 🙂

deep throat: peach with shimmer

they say deep throat is like a shy sister of orgasm. i don’t have orgasm in my current collection but i had it previously and i didn’t like it. it didnt show in my skin tone (i was darker before). plus orgasm has chunkier glitters than deep throat. *edit – got orgasm with the makeup your mind set*

will work best for fair and medium skin tones

desire: cotton candy pink

this is the brightest pink blush that i have! but don’t let the color intimidate you, it’s not as bright when you apply on your skin.  this will definitely work well with fairer and medium skin tone. for more darker skin, this might look a bit chalky.

dolce vita: dusty rose

one of my oldest blush. i would recommend this for medium to dark skin stone. the brown undertone might not work too well for fair skin.

gina: tangerine

the only orange blush that i have. still on the fence if i like it or not (im more of a pink / red blush type of girl). this will definitely suit fair and medium toned skin. im not too sure about darker skinned tones.

luster: sheer golden apricot

luster and madly look awfully similar in the pictures but luster has more peachy undertones while madly has more brown and pink. luster is actually a beautiful color which will almost all skin tones! darker skin tones can use it as a highlighter.

madly: seashell pink

madly will work best for lighter skin tone. im NC35 (medium) and it doesnt show on me sometimes.

mata hari: rose petal pink

another favorite of mine. it’s almost the same as desire but less brighter. best for light and medium but can also work for dark skin tones.

orgasm: peachy pink with gold shimmer (left side of the pic below)

the most coveted nars blush! they say that this is the perfect blush for everyone. will have to find out if that’s true. i haven’t tried yet. :p


sin: berry with gold shimmer

when i see sin, i think more grape than berry hahaha. this is a great blush for medium to darker skin tones. for fairer skin tones, this might look a bit “muddy” depending on the application.

super orgasm: peachy pink with gold shimmer

one of my oldest blush. i hate the chunky glitters so i rarely use this one. good for fair and medium toned skin.

taos: desert rose with shimmer

beautiful color but highly pigmented so make sure you apply with a light hand 🙂 the color reminds me of dolce vita somehow, but i prefer taos. this will suit medium to darker skin tone, fairer skin should be careful when applying.

torrid: coral with shimmer

this looks similar to amour in the picture but amour has more pink to it while taos is more coral. this will work best for medium to darker skin tone. i think this is too dark for fair skin.


left to right: amour, deep throat, desire, dolce vita, gina, luster

from right to left: madly, mata hari, sin, super orgasm, torrid

side by side comparison of swatches


from left to right: taos, orgasm, angelika

there you have it! hope you guys find this post useful!  it took me a long time to finish this post because i wanted the pictures to be as close to the real thing as possible. i even asked my hubby to quality check the photos for me! hehe.

have a great weekend everyone!

coming up: my new all-natural skin care, reviews on my tony moly haul and nars carthage 🙂



16 Responses to "a run down on NARS blushes"

I wonder which color would suit me..?

ano mas prefer mo pink or peach? 🙂

Peach, I think.. I have warm undertones eh. Arbor na isa jan? 😉 Haha.

nathalie, try mo deep throat or luster. you’re fair naman diba?
hahahaa. kapag nawala na ang obsession ko sa NARS, you’ll be the first to know 😉

Wahaha. Just kidding sis. 😉 Yeah, I suppose I am fair-skinned. Pero saka na mag-NARS kapag madalas or everyday na ko nag-aayos. No use kasi lagi lang naman ako nasa bahay. 😀

That’s a lot of makeup. Wow! Sexy pa ng names nila. Hihi. Visiting from GT sis! 🙂

Nice NARS blush collection! 🙂

My faves back then were Taos, Deep Throat, and Torrid. Orgasm, Super Orgasm, and Crazed were so-so for me.

tlaga crazed is so-so lang? gusto ko pa naman sana nun 😀

thanks for this:) parang I like desire kasi ang cute ng pagka pink:) just dunno how this would look on me coz I’ve only tried peachy toned na blushes ever since

it’s really nice! try mo sis 🙂

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Thanks for signing up with my 3-way link exchange and adding Beauty Loot Bag here. Your link is now up @ Make Up Noob.

Based on your updated swatches, e.l.f. Peachy Keen is more a dupe of Luster than Orgasm (on the pan, at least). Just the same, I love Peachy Keen! 😀

i thought you’d like luster! so i made the right recommendation? 😀

I’m not that much darker than u. do u think these colors will show up on me? I’m only a tad bit darker….

Nc35 is quite fair!! A person doesn’t need to be Nordic to be considered fair.
My friend is an nc40 actually and that blush shows up on her. Any complexion can wear any blush, that’s the beauty of nars

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