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tip: how to apply foundation (liquid)

Posted on: September 12, 2011

there are no hard and fast rules in applying foundation… there are TONS of ways! you can use all sorts of beauty tools (as pictured below) or even your hands! i went to a nars workshop recently and marco, NARS international trainer / artist, used his hands to apply liquid foundation on the model – it was actually interesting to see, he looked like a kid playing with paint! 🙂

here are the tools that i prefer using, clockwise from left: muji‘s pack of sponges ( i love these makeup sponges… they’re soft and non-abrasive to the skin), beauty blender (i got this from fabfinds, price available upon request from seller), MAC 190 brush, MAC 187 brush and Sigma F80 brush

note: always clean your brushes (and beauty blender) after every use to avoid bacteria buildup. beauty blenders can be used up to a period of 3 months. sponges should be thrown out after 3 uses (my own limit hehe)

here are my tips when applying liquid foundation…

1. “dot” foundation on areas like your forehead, nose, chin, and cheeks.

2. use the tool of your choice to blend the foundation – make sure to blend properly to avoid streaks / uneven application

3. add foundation as necessary especially on areas which need more coverage

4. set with powder of choice (optional – for dry skin, you may skip this step)

here’s a short video i created to illustrate the steps above (except #4). i used my MAC studio fix foundation and my sigma F80 (flat top synthetic kabuki brush).

and yes, i was wearing my pjs! LOL i can only blog at night so usually im wearing sleeping attire :p

read up on my tips on how to find the right foundation here. 🙂

hope you liked these tips!




2 Responses to "tip: how to apply foundation (liquid)"

kendz di ko mapanood yun video… private daw 😦

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