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my current favorites…

Posted on: October 16, 2011

some of you might have noticed that i have stopped posting monthly favorites… the truth is, it’s hard to do a monthly favorites post because i usually use the same products for my facial care routine or  different products for my makeup. so i decided that i’ll post my favorite on an adhoc basis, as and when i think that i have new products that i like that are really worth sharing…

so without further ado, presenting my current favorites:

okay, let’ see… where to start??? hmm… hehhee. i guess let’s do it from left to right (top to bottom) shall we? :p

1. garnier bb light roll-on – i must say… for P299 this has got to be the cheapest and most effective concealer i’ve used! albeit the color is a little too light for me, the coverage is excellent! i like using it as a base for my other concealer for more coverage.

2. time balm (from thebalm) – my primer of choice at the moment. makes my foundation stay put and last longer, it also does control shine and oiliness. im not sure if it’s just me but i feel that with this primer, my pores look less visible.

3. laura mercier dual-action eye makeup remover oil-free – i received a sample size of this from rustan’s and for me, this is the BEST eye makeup remover i have tried so far (better than the chanel or bobbi brown eye makeup remover). i liked it so much, i ended up buying the full size. 🙂

4. nyx cream blush in glow – gives me a nice subtle pinkish flush. easy to apply and lasts all day. good pigmentation.

5. dove go fresh deodorant – smells great and doesn’t cause my underarms to itch! keeps perspiration to a minimum!

6. nars smudge-proof eyeshadow base – for me, hands down, the BEST eye primer in the market! (better than the urban decay one)… almost zero creasing even with the cheapest eyeliner i have!

7. laura mercier face polish – i love using this face scrub two to three times a week to get rid of dead skin cells. the “grains” are very fine and doesn’t feel abrasive nor harsh on the skin

8. mac eyeshadows in espresso and carbon – love using espresso as my eyebrow shader. lasts the whole day. i also use carbon almost every day as base for my eyeliner… (to avoid harsh lines)

9. nars orgasm illuminator – my savior… my skin was filling parched and shallow the past few weeks and this just saved my skin (in a way). i mix it with my foundation for an instant glow! also, i mix it with my thickest foundation (hello you studio fix fluid) to sher out the color and it works wonders!!! 🙂

10. majolica majorca perfect automatic liner – i never thought that i would actually like a liquid eyeliner but i think this is truly truly great! great precision and you can draw thin to thick lines. will do a full review on this. (wait for my next post)

11. armada spf 45 sun protection – i think i have already mentioned this product before. but i really love it. doesn’t feel stick and doesn’t make my skin feel or look oily!

12. kiehl’s midnight recovery concentrate – this with my la mer saved my skin and brought by the glow from within (i love my oily skin!!! hahahah) … i use this every other night. just one drop for the entire face. did i mention it’s paraben, fragrance and mineral oil free? (oh and the best thing is that i stole this from my mom! hahaha)

13. burt’s bees rosewater & glycerin toner – the first thing that caught my attention was the packaging. the bottle is just too cute!!! i’ve been using it for more than 4 months i think and im really loving it. doesn’t feel harsh on the skin and it removes and residue after washing my face 🙂

whew, that was a LOT! 🙂

i do hope that you can share your most favorite product with me. i would LOVE to hear from you 🙂

mwahs, mrskendz


1 Response to "my current favorites…"

hi! just want to ask where did you buy your burt’s bees rosewater & glycerin toner? thanks!

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