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regrets – oct 2011

Posted on: October 24, 2011

a new “topic” i’m introducing in this blog is the regrets blog – where i’ll be posting some of my recent purchases which i regretted for one reason or another. i like trying out products in hopes of finding a holy grail item… but most of the time, i stumble on products which i think are bad (for me at least).

for this month, my regrets were:

from left to right: burt’s bees orange essence facial cleanser, tony moly tomatox brightening foam cleanser, stila kajal eyeliner, k-palette real lasting eyeliner

and here are my reasons why they are in the “regrets” post:

1. burt’s bees orange essence facial cleanser – i wanted to try a new facial wash because i felt that with the VMV facial wash i was using just couldn’t take any makeup residue away… i gravitated towards burt’s bees because i loved their toner so much and i thought that i migh hit a jackpot. sadly i didn’t. this cleanser is by far one of the worst products i have ever tried! *sorry* the orange smell is just too strong… the consistency of the product is weird – it’s too syrupy… makes me feel that i was washing my face with vit C syrup! i dont know how it’s supposed to work. i just don’t see it.

2. tony moly tomatox brightening foam cleanser – so after the failed attempt with #1, i went in search for another cleanser. on one of the rare cases that i visited tony moly, i decided to give their facial wash a go. this just feels and smells like pond’s facial wash for me. it foams up quite nice but after using this, my skin feels tight and stretched – which i hate.

3. stila kajal eyeliner in onyx – i heard a lot of great things about this eyeliner in youtube which i dont understand at all! it smudges like crazy!!!!!!!!!!! *sigh* i do have to admit that it’s creamy texture is nice for waterlining

i drew a straight line and rubbed it once see how much it smudges???

4. k-palette real lasting eyeliner – it really does last a long time! even after trying to remove for the nth time!!!!! it left  stain on my upper lid 😦the line below is the one using k-palette

after scrubbing hard with wet  wipes, the stain is still there!!!

that’s all folks! hope you found this post useful! 🙂

pls pls pls share your regrets so that i don’t make the same mistakes as well!  hehe.




2 Responses to "regrets – oct 2011"

Burt’s Bees is supposed to come out with great products right? Kakahinayang naman. =(

try the k palette eyeliner in waterproof version, it will not leave that gray line even with just washing it off with cleanser and water. what you got is the regular version.

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