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updated skin care routine

Posted on: February 9, 2012

posting my updated skin care routine, for those who might be interested 🙂

just a background, i have always had problematic skin… i still do. so i take extra care of my skin. my main motto is that i don’t sleep with makeup on – no matter how tired i may feel, i always always make it a point to remove all traces of makeup from my face. i owe that to my skin :p

so what is my skin care routine? pretty simple actually. i follow the cleanse, tone and moisturize process.

during the morning:

(1) i wash my face using OBAGI facial wash;

(2) after drying my face with facial tissue – i gently pat my face with burt’s bees toner to start my day right;

(3) i then follow this with sunflower oil for my undereyes;

(4) and creme de la mer all over my face. i stopped using la mer for a while because i wanted to try organic moisturizers. i only started reusing la mer when we went to HK last december (it was freezing cold) – and i fell back in love :). there is truly nothing else like it; and

(5) after i moisturize, i put on sunblock (which i forgot to take a picture of!). i currently use vmv hypoallergenics face and body sunblock in spf 60. i use sunblock EVERYDAY – no matter what im planning to do that day.

for my night time routine:

(1) i use my bioderma sensibio h20 to remove my makeup;

(2) afterwhich, i wash my face with obagi facial wash using clarisonic mia to exfoliate my skin. this has really really helped with my skin problems! i feel like my pore has become smaller and my face smoother. will post a complete review of the clarisonic mia soon.

(3) i pat my skin dry and then apply burt’s bees toner;

(4)  followed with sunflower oil for my undereyes;

(5) i then apply kiehl’s midnight recovery serum all over my face. during nights when my face feel extra dry, i put la mer on top for extra moisture.

also, twice a week, i use my laura mercier nail polish to slough off dead skin cells around my nose area – which my clarisonic mia can’t reach. 🙂

so there, i hope you find this post useful. 🙂 it really makes a difference when you take care of your skin. you only have one face… and once it’s “Destroyed” there is no turning back – so start taking care of it now! 🙂


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Oh I really want to try some of these products 😀

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