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so a week has gone after i had posted that i HAD to lose weight…  and guess how many pounds i lost???

a measly ONE lb!!! LOL

sooo pathetic, i know. but i’m not losing hope. i managed to lessen my rice intake and JUNK food consumption (almost no chips and coke zero!). i think my metabolism is in hybernation mode… sigh

i definitely need to UP my exercise. 🙂

so till next week! wish me LOTS of LUCK!



i am getting depressed. i think i am on my all-time heaviest and it is really now starting to bother me 😦 my clothes won’t fit anymore!!! 😦

i know i’ve said this a thousand time before but… i AM going on a diet  and will exercise more to lose weight.   it’s important especially now that we are planning to have a baby… and it’s important for me. i need to keep my sanity. this is just too depressing.

if you guys have any tips, please please do share. i need all the advices and tips that i can get.

right now my plan is to get at least 45 mins to an hour of cardio each day and also to lessen my food intake (gradually). i will go back to the no rice diet and hopefully that will help me kick start my weight loss goal. oh and no more dining out for the next 3 months… (unless i have to. if so, i will eat ONLY healthy food)

will post regular updates here on my blog so that i can monitor my progress. i hope to lose at least 15-20lbs by the end of the year! (my ideal weight is 30lbs away… but i think that’s unrealistic for now)

wish me luck!

here’s to a less fat mrskendz… *fingers crossed*

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