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summer is here! it’s time for those “waterproof” makeup to take the limelight πŸ˜‰

sharing my favorite products that i usually take with me and wear when i go to the beach. NOT all at the same time ok? haha

20120314-185948.jpgi’ve put in foundation, tinted moisturizer, cheek tintssssss, eyebrow liner, eye liners and lipstains πŸ™‚


for eyebrows, i like to use my K-palette real lasting eyebrow liner because it really lasts a long time and usually doesnt budge! i usually don’t wear eyeliner if i know im hitting the water, but for lounging and what not, i sometimes do. i prefer the MUFE aqua eyes (in dark purple) because it looks less over the top (what? you’re wearing make up to the beach?) and really highlights my brown eyes. but if im going clubbing and i know ill be sweating in the humid beach weather, i like to wear my k-palette real lasting eyeliner πŸ™‚


for cheeks – as you know i loveeee me my blushes πŸ™‚ there are times where i skip all makeup and just wear blush to the beach. here are my favorites bench’s pretty when pinched cheek & lip tint (cheap and very effective), benetint’s benefit (the MOST coveted lip & cheek tint), tarte lip & cheek stains – i like this because they are easy to carry around. you dont have to worry about breaking the glass (unlike bench and benetint). and it’s sooo easy to use. you just need to swipe and blend blend blend!, theblam stainiac – perfect for carrying around because of the size! very travel friendly. although i find this harder to work with compared to the others.


im obsessed with lipstains at the moment! i’ve tried the one from covergirl, but i must say that these are so much better! it doesn’t taste like ink (like covergirl) plus it comes with a lip balm. the problem i had with covergirl was it look a bit patchy sometimes and it can be too drying. these lip stains from revlon are awesome!!!!! πŸ™‚ very pigment, build-able and definitely lasts a long time.


i usually skip foundation / tinted moisturizer but sometimes, SOMETIMES, my vanity gets the best of me πŸ™‚ my choice of products are the laura mercier tinted moisturizer and MUFE mat velvet+ (which says it’s water resistant). both products are oil free. let’s face it… lounging around under the sun will make you oily so you DONT need extra oil πŸ˜‰

well that’s basically it! πŸ™‚ oh i make it a point to wear lots of sunscreen.

hope you girls find this post useful. my nxt post will be a FOTD using these products.

oh and wish me luck… going for our teambuilding tom… paintballing! im scared!!!

where to get the products:

pretty when pinched – all bench outlets

benefit benetint – greenbelt 5

mufe – boni high street or shangri-la plaza

laura mercier – essences

thebalm stainiac and k-palette – beauty bar

tarte (available abroad)

revlon just bitten – department stores or drug stores

posting my updated skin care routine, for those who might be interested πŸ™‚

just a background, i have always had problematic skin… i still do. so i take extra care of my skin. my main motto is that i don’t sleep with makeup on – no matter how tired i may feel, i always alwaysΒ make it a point to remove all traces of makeup from my face. i owe that to my skin :p

so what is my skin care routine? pretty simple actually. i follow the cleanse, tone and moisturize process.

during the morning:

(1) i wash my face using OBAGI facial wash;

(2) after drying my face with facial tissue – i gently pat my face with burt’s bees toner to start my day right;

(3) i then follow this with sunflower oil for my undereyes;

(4) and creme de la mer all over my face. i stopped using la mer for a while because i wanted to try organic moisturizers. i only started reusing la mer when we went to HK last december (it was freezing cold) – and i fell back in love :). there is truly nothing else like it; and

(5)Β after i moisturize, i put on sunblock (which i forgot to take a picture of!). i currently use vmv hypoallergenics face and body sunblock in spf 60. i use sunblock EVERYDAY – no matter what im planning to do that day.

for my night time routine:

(1) i use my bioderma sensibio h20 to remove my makeup;

(2) afterwhich, i wash my face with obagi facial wash using clarisonic mia to exfoliate my skin. this has really really helped with my skin problems! i feel like my pore has become smaller and my face smoother. will post a complete review of the clarisonic mia soon.

(3) i pat my skin dry and then apply burt’s bees toner;

(4) Β followed with sunflower oil for my undereyes;

(5) i then apply kiehl’s midnight recovery serum all over my face. during nights when my face feel extra dry, i put la mer on top for extra moisture.

also, twice a week, i use my laura mercier nail polish to slough off dead skin cells around my nose area – which my clarisonic mia can’t reach. πŸ™‚

so there, i hope you find this post useful. πŸ™‚ it really makes a difference when you take care of your skin. you only have one face… and once it’s “Destroyed” there is no turning back – so start taking care of it now! πŸ™‚

there are no hard and fast rules in applying foundation… there are TONS of ways! you can use all sorts of beauty tools (as pictured below) or even your hands! i went to a nars workshop recently and marco, NARS international trainer / artist, used his hands to apply liquid foundation on the model – it was actually interesting to see, he looked like a kid playing with paint! πŸ™‚

here are the tools that i prefer using, clockwise from left: muji‘s pack of sponges ( i love these makeup sponges… they’re soft and non-abrasive to the skin), beauty blender (i got this from fabfinds, price available upon request from seller), MAC 190 brush, MAC 187 brush and Sigma F80 brush

note: always clean your brushes (and beauty blender) after every use to avoid bacteria buildup. beauty blenders can be used up to a period of 3 months. sponges should be thrown out after 3 uses (my own limit hehe)

here are my tips when applying liquid foundation…

1. “dot” foundation on areas like your forehead, nose, chin, and cheeks.

2. use the tool of your choice to blend the foundation – make sure to blend properly to avoid streaks / uneven application

3. add foundation as necessary especially on areas which need more coverage

4. set with powder of choice (optional – for dry skin, you may skip this step)

here’s a short video i created to illustrate the steps above (except #4). i used my MAC studio fix foundation and my sigma F80 (flat top synthetic kabuki brush).

and yes, i was wearing my pjs! LOL i can only blog at night so usually im wearing sleeping attire :p

read up on my tips on how to find the right foundation here. πŸ™‚

hope you liked these tips!



hi gals!!! im back! i had such a great time in Cebu and Davao! can’t believe that my one week holiday is over! boohoo… but i had a blast! i will create a blog about our cebu vacation and will post that on my other site πŸ™‚

for now, i just wanted to share what i usually pack when i go on a vacation. although i am a certified makeup junkie, i tend to get lazy when im on a vacation. usually ill just put on blush and be on my way. but i do take a few things with me “just in case”. πŸ˜€

so here’s a low-down of what i pack and take with me (note: the brand / color may differ, but most of the time, the type of makeup i bring is the same)

from left to right, top row to bottom:

1. makeup brushes / laura mercier brush set – i love this set for traveling! most the the brushes are double-ended so i get two brushes in one! i got this as a gift for my birthday last year πŸ™‚

2. concealer / garnier skin naturals light bb instant fairness bb eye roll-on (P299)- i got this when we dropped by watson’s in cebu… i didn’t think that i would like it but i must say it does a great job in covering my dark circles! will do a complete review soon. (yes yes, i have a looonngg backlog of reviews to do. sorry sorry!)

3. eyebrow pencil or dark eyeshadow / bobbi brown metallic eyeshadow in java – got this waaayyy back when i was still living in singapore and i forgot how much it costs (i think more or less P1200). i like this shadow because i can use it as my eyebrow shade, eyeshadow or eyeliner πŸ™‚ multi-purpose products are a must when you’re going on a trip.

4. eyeshadow / MAC mix&match eye shadow (P1200) – i’m into goldish-orange eyeshadows now so i decided to bring this one… usually, ill pack one or two eyeshadows which i think will coordinate (does NOT have to match) with most of the clothes that i’ll bring. i actually ended using the lighter shade more. just a sweep of color on my lids and eyeliner! :p

5. powder blush / tarte amazonian clay blush – since i know that i will be visiting a very humid place, i opted to bring a matte and long-lasting blush so that i don’t have to touch up my face during the day. (not a fan of touching up my face, most especially when it’s all greasy from facial oil or perspiration)

6. cream or blush stain / smashbox cream cheek duo – OR most of the time, i just put on a cream / stain blush because it’s easier to apply. if i want my blush to stick around longer, a trick i do is i apply my cream blush and then apply powder blush on top (for longer lasting power :))

7. tinted moisturizer / laura mercier oil-free tinted moisturizer – i tend to stray away from my liquid foundations when im going on a vacation because (i) it’s not easy to bring around, most of my liquid foundations are in a bottle and i always worry that it might break when i put it in my luggage! or (ii) i just couldn’t be bothered :p that’s what i like about tinted moisturizers, i just apply and blend with my fingers and im done! fast.easy.convenient.

8. powder foundation / pur 4-in-1 pressed mineral makeup – another product that i am loving! again, will post a separate review on this… but the reason i bring a powder foundation is for those times when i feel that i need extra coverage or for those times when we suddenly decide that we want to eat at a fancy restaurant… :p

9. waterproof eyeliner / makeup forever aqua eyes waterproof eyeliner pencil – waterproof is the magic word πŸ™‚ humid weather is the number one enemy of all eyeliners… so it’s best to bring around the best smudge-proof eyeliner you have.

so there you have it! πŸ™‚ hope you liked this post. please feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions / comments.

will be doing back to back reviews soon. i have sooo many things to review! :S

good night everyone! and i hope you have a great week ahead!






a few friends of mine actually requested a post on applying eyeliner.

disclaimer: i am FAR from being an expert in applying eyeliner, i may also not know the BEST way of applying eyeliner. i just want to share what works best for ME and hope that you pick up a trick or two πŸ™‚

before i go into detailed application techniques, want to share some information on eyeliners first – there are 4 kinds of eyeliners that you can choose from:

1 – eyeshadow – easiest to apply and gives a softer look. definitely no harsh lines when using eyeshadow as your liner! πŸ™‚ can be applied dry or wet. downside: not long lasting. you will need an eyeliner brush that’s thin stiff and flat / slanted for a good application.

MAC carbon (a youtube gurus favorite!) with Sigma E65 brush

2 – eyeliner pencil – easy to apply but is prone to smudges and smears 😦 a trick that i use is to set it with eyeshadow (i.e. black eyeshadow for black pencil eyeliner) to make it last longer.

stila kajal eye liner in onyx (NOT the best eyeliner pencil – smears like mad! but great for the waterline)

3 – gel eyeliner – great lasting power! smudge and water proof. a bit harder to apply than pencil and eyeshadow but easier than applying liquid eyeliner. practice definitely makes perfect. you will need a fine eyeliner brush for easy application.

MAC fluidline in Dipdown with Sigma E65 and E05 brushes and Bobbi Brown Ultra Fine Eye Liner

4 – liquid eyeliner – takes a lot of patience and practice (i still haven’t mastered the application). staying power is awesome. smudge and water proof as well. may tend to look harsh because of the precision of the line.

STILA stay all day waterproof liquid eye liner

okay on to some detailed application techniques / tips…

  • apply eyeliner AFTER you apply your eye makeup. unless… you’re applying eyeshadow to set your liner or you want a less intense look.
  • i find that curling your lashes BEFORE applying eye liner helps, as it lifts the skin of your lids – making it easier to apply eyeliner closer to the lashline.
  • for eye pencils, i like to draw a few lines on my hand first to soften the product a bit (from the warmth). this will help for a smoother application.
  • when applying eyeliner (in whatever shape or form), i like to start around the mid-section of my upper eyelids and make my work to the outer corner. i apply with small short strokes –Β  just like connecting dots. or you can smudge the pencil into your lashline. just repeat the step until you get the thickness that you desire. i then make my way slowly to the inner corners, keeping the line very thin. usually you want your eyeliner to be really thin in the inner corners and gradually getting thicker as it moves outward.

connect the dots (ALSO sharpen your eyeliner for a more precise application! :D)

  • extend the line upward towards the end (following the natural shape of your eyes) for a semi cat-like look. this will give your eyes an instant lift as well! πŸ˜€

  • for eyeshadow or pencil liners, smudge the line using a q-tip for a more smokey look.
  • do NOT pull on your eyelids (unless you want wrinkles!). a trick i learned was, use a Q-tip to press down your eye lid. this will instantly lift your lids for easier application
  • line as close to your lashline as possible for a natural look (and it will make your eyelashes look thicker too!)
  • try NOT to be heavy-handed. it’s better to apply lightly first then go over the line for more intensity.
  • for a more intense look, apply eyeliner on your waterline. for everyday look, i really don’t recommend this because taking off all the makeup can be a real biatch!Β  ALSO please DO NOT attempt to use liquid eyeliner to line your waterline. definitely NOT recommended. try gel eyeliner instead πŸ™‚

my BEST advice would be to practice practice practice! and experiment on different thickness of the liner. try thin to thick lines and see what works best for your feature! πŸ™‚

hope this helps!

good luck.



sorry if i’ve been gone for a while, went on a short vacation and got too busy at work to post. you can read about our trip here.

when i posted my NARS collection post, a few fellow bloggers and beauty enthusiasts asked me for recommendations on what NARS blush will work best for their skintone. to help them out, i decided to take pictures of individual blushes + swatches. i’ll also include color recommendations for each type of skintones (fair, medium, morena).

(in alphabetical order, descriptions are as per

amour: peachy pink

great for all skin-tones but fairer skin should apply with very light hand. i found it hard to take a picture of amour, it looks almost the same as some of the other blushes! but this is my current favorite Nars blush πŸ™‚

angelika: cotton candy pink with gold and silver sparkle (right side of the picture)

angelika is VERY similar to mata hari. mata hari is matte while angelika has glitters. i think this blush will work for most skin tones πŸ™‚

deep throat: peach with shimmer

they say deep throat is like a shy sister of orgasm. i don’t have orgasm in my current collection but i had it previously and i didn’t like it. it didnt show in my skin tone (i was darker before). plus orgasm has chunkier glitters than deep throat. *edit – got orgasm with the makeup your mind set*

will work best for fair and medium skin tones

desire: cotton candy pink

this is the brightest pink blush that i have! but don’t let the color intimidate you, it’s not as bright when you apply on your skin.Β  this will definitely work well with fairer and medium skin tone. for more darker skin, this might look a bit chalky.

dolce vita: dusty rose

one of my oldest blush. i would recommend this for medium to dark skin stone. the brown undertone might not work too well for fair skin.

gina: tangerine

the only orange blush that i have. still on the fence if i like it or not (im more of a pink / red blush type of girl). this will definitely suit fair and medium toned skin. im not too sure about darker skinned tones.

luster: sheer golden apricot

luster and madly look awfully similar in the pictures but luster has more peachy undertones while madly has more brown and pink. luster is actually a beautiful color which will almost all skin tones! darker skin tones can use it as a highlighter.

madly: seashell pink

madly will work best for lighter skin tone. im NC35 (medium) and it doesnt show on me sometimes.

mata hari: rose petal pink

another favorite of mine. it’s almost the same as desire but less brighter. best for light and medium but can also work for dark skin tones.

orgasm: peachy pink with gold shimmer (left side of the pic below)

the most coveted nars blush! they say that this is the perfect blush for everyone. will have to find out if that’s true. i haven’t tried yet. :p


sin: berry with gold shimmer

when i see sin, i think more grape than berry hahaha. this is a great blush for medium to darker skin tones. for fairer skin tones, this might look a bit “muddy” depending on the application.

super orgasm: peachy pink with gold shimmer

one of my oldest blush. i hate the chunky glitters so i rarely use this one. good for fair and medium toned skin.

taos: desert rose with shimmer

beautiful color but highly pigmented so make sure you apply with a light hand πŸ™‚ the color reminds me of dolce vita somehow, but i prefer taos. this will suit medium to darker skin tone, fairer skin should be careful when applying.

torrid: coral with shimmer

this looks similar to amour in the picture but amour has more pink to it while taos is more coral. this will work best for medium to darker skin tone. i think this is too dark for fair skin.


left to right: amour, deep throat, desire, dolce vita, gina, luster

from right to left: madly, mata hari, sin, super orgasm, torrid

side by side comparison of swatches


from left to right: taos, orgasm, angelika

there you have it! hope you guys find this post useful!Β  it took me a long time to finish this post because i wanted the pictures to be as close to the real thing as possible. i even asked my hubby to quality check the photos for me! hehe.

have a great weekend everyone!

coming up: my new all-natural skin care, reviews on my tony moly haul and nars carthage πŸ™‚



i am a firm believer of investing in good makeup brushes.Β  it usually is the least priority of many but, in my opinion, it is the most important tool in your beauty kit. good tools equate to good output – does it not? πŸ™‚

most of us tend to settle with using the brush or sponge-tip applicator than comes with.Β  to be honest, i haven’t seen a compact makeup brushΒ  that actually does a good job (not even chanel). most often than not, the makeup brush that comes with your compact is too small which makes application and blending such a tedious job OR is too coarse which feels harsh on your skin.

when i started with makeup, it was hard to come by cheap yet good makeup brushes – back then you really have to shell out money to get good quality brushes! but now, with brands like sigma, suesh (local brand) and korean brands coming into play, people have more choices of good and affordable makeup brushes! even local and drugstore brands like nichido and ELF are coming out with good quality brushes.

so what are the essential basic makeup brushes that you should have? here are my thoughts:

1. blush brush – can double as your powder brush or contour brush, depending on the size. a good blush brush is the key to a natural looking blush application! you need to look for a brush that is not coarse and feels smooth to the skin. the head should be dense enough to pick up the right amount of product.

elf blush brush (less than P250)

2. powder brush / kabuki brush – good for applying powder to set your makeup and for blending makeup together. kabuki brushes are smaller and are more handy – great for touch ups! again, the brush should be dense and should be soft to the touch.

tony moly powder brush (less than P700), suesh kabuki (forgot the price), nichido kabuki (P238)

3. eye shader brush – good for applying eyeshadow all over the lids. there are different sizes of eye shader brush, i would recommend a medium-sized eye shader brush so that you can use it to apply color to the crease as well.

i realize i didnt have a cheap eyeshadow brush but im sure the above mentioned brands have one.

4. eyebrow brush – a well-groomed eyebrow can make or break your look. so it is important that you have the right tool to complete your entire look. an eyebrow brush can also double as an eyeliner brush.

body shop eyebrow brush – sorry forgot the price. i had this for more than 5 years i think!

5. stippling brush (optional but absolutely great to have!) – a multi-tasker – can be used to apply liquid and powder products. can be used to apply foundation, blush, powder or highlighter. stippling brushes tend to pickup lesser products so it is best used for highly-pigmented products

etude house stippling brush (less than P500)

makeup brushes are really a good investment… the first brush investment i made was a MAC 129 brush (blush brush), i had it for more than 8 years and it is still in good shape! as long as you take care of them, they will last you a lifetime πŸ™‚

i would also recommend SIGMA brushes. they are US-made brushes that ships internationally. i have several Sigma brushes which i will do a review on but basically i would say they are the BEST medium-ranged brand! πŸ™‚

good night! and happy harry potter’s day! LOL



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