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*argh! so stupid!!! i didn’t realize that i had over-written my old post!!! dumb dumb*

i’ve listed down the bare essentials to get your makeup kits started. i have also included product recommendations for each category 🙂

1. foundation / tinted moisturizer – foundation can make or break your entire look. a good foundation can work wonders on your face! it can help even out your skin tone, hide redness and conceal blemishes. on the other hand, a wrong foundation may make you look clownish or can accentuate flakiness of your skin. choosing the right foundation may be tricky… trust me – i know. i went thru sooo many foundations before i found the perfect one for me. i will post a separate blog to share tips on how to select the perfect foundation for your skin type. 🙂

if you have good clear skin (inggit!), you can skip foundation and opt for tinted moisturizer or powder instead. tinted moisturizer usually gives a more sheer / lighter coverage but still helps to even out your skin tone. while powders help control shine.

mrskendz recommends: MAC Studio Fix, Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer, Makeup Forever HD Foundation and Nars Sheer Glow (ranges from P1500 to P2300)

2. eyelash curler – curling your lashes can help instantly brighten up your face and make you look awake! 🙂 invest in a good curler, you definitely don’t want to get curlers that can pull out your lashes *ouch*

mrskendz recommends: shu uemura eyelash curler (a cult favorite) or shiseido eyelash curler (P1000+ each)

3. concealer – for me, a must have because i have very dark undereye circles (boohoo). concealing dark circles under your eyes can make you look less tired in an instant! also you can also use concealer to cover pimple spots or scars.

mrskendz recommends: MAC studio finish spf 35 concealer for blemishes and makeup forever lift concealer for undereye (i am still in the process of testing several undereye concealers… will share my reviews when ready)

4. blush – if i have to go out with only one make up on, i would put on BLUSH. a good blush in the right shade can instantly make anyone appear healthier and younger.

mrskendz recommends: NARS blushes and Bobbi Brown blushes hands down are the BEST blushes out there. (around P1350 each)

5. tinted lip balm – hitting two birds with one stone… with a tinted lip balm, you’re adding oomph to your lips while at the same time, taking care of them as well.

mrskendz recommends: human heart nature’s tinted lip balm sheer up soother (P69.75)

so now you’re all set 🙂 hope this post helped you guys! if you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment!

stay tuned for more tips and tricks… im just warming up! hihihi

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