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i just wanted to get this out…

im a sucker for cheek tints. i grew up using body shop lip and cheek tint (the old version that comes in a glass container will roll on applicator). i loved that product. it gave me the most natural looking blush. but since body shop changed the formulation, i’ve been trying to find a good replacement.

that’s what attracted me to this product… when i tried it on in pcx, the color payoff was great. i actually thought that this would be it! but i couldn’t be more wrong… this has got the be the WORST product i have purchased in a very very very long time!!! it is definitely going straight to the garbage can! i wont even bother selling it to other people. it’s just not worth it. sigh.

reasons why i don’t like it:

1. very hard to blend. you have to make sure that your face is extremely moisturized to get this to work.

2. the tube makes it hard to control the amount of product that comes out.

3. DO NOT even think of applying this straight to your face. make sure you have foundation or tinted moisturizer beneath. why? because it just wont come off!!! first time i tried it at home, i used water, nars eye makeup remover, shu ueumura cleansing oil and washed my face and it.just.won’ in the end i had to scrub my face to get rid of the stuff.

here are some proof:

1. i applied tinted moisturizer on my arm first for easier blending

2. i then applied a bit of the tint directly on my arm

3. bad move. when i tried to blend, it left a mark where the spot was on! imagine if this was on your cheek!!!

4. i tried another way… i applied the tint in my finger and blended into my arm – it does give a nice color doesn’t it? that’s what made me buy it 😦 HOWEVER, refer to next picture

5. this was how bad my fingers looked after blending in the tint.

6. here’s the “fun” part – i washed my arm and my fingers with dish washing DETERGENT and the result??? see for yourself:

the color hardly budged.

definitely NOT using this on my face EVER again! it’s too bad coz i really like the color. but it’s just too much of a hassle.

so disappointed 😦 oh well… my hunt for the perfect cheek tint continues… you gals have any recommendations?


because i have been sick almost the entire week and because i wanted to feel better, went on a slight rampage today. hehehe.

here are some of the things i got from PCX and Rustan’s Essences:

1. IN2IT Gel Blush – P259.75 (actually, i retried this when i got home. kinda sucks. really hard to blend! but will try again to see how to make it work better)

2. IN2IT sheer eye colour in forest- P299.75 (i really like this!)

3. Garnier Light Brightening Eye Roll-on – P 199 (my officemate K recommended this, so let’ see if this works! *fingers crossed*)

4. Prestige Lipstick in Lasting Blossom – P375 (nice color!)

5. theBalm Cabana Boy Blush – P850 (i loveeeeed this color so much that i got one for my sister as well!!!)

6. NARS the multiple in Portofino – (price undisclosed)

dang… spent so much again today! hahaha i think i need to enroll myself in project “no buy” or project “hit pan”. i actually still have a lot of unopened items. :S

oh well, it was a great weekend indeed. wish it could have lasted longer teehee.

good night everyone. have a GREAT weekend ahead!





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