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and my obsession continues with this new product! ayayay!!! this is actually my first ever NYX product and i must say that i am very impressed.

i just got my NYX soft matte lip cream in addis ababa from digital traincase. it’s described as a very bright blue-based pink. actually, it’s very very very bright! teehee. and i absolutely LOVE it! ❤

isnt it goorrgeeeouuusss???

here’s a swatch:

i actually think this can pass as a dupe for NARS Schiap… here’s a swatch of the two together:

almost the same right? the top one is NYX and the bottom is NARS

here’s how it looks like on my lips 🙂

i only applied a sheer layer. you can build up the color to achieve the intensity that you want.

what i like:

– the color is sooo pretty!!! i think it’s the perfect hot pink color.

– for the price i paid, the color payoff is amazing!

– for a matte lipstick, it’s not drying on the lips. when you apply it, it goes on very very creamy but after a while, it turns matte. cool huh?

– it’s cheap! i only paid P350 for this product! (compared to my NARS schiap)

– the color stays on your lips for a verrrryyy long time! it stayed on for 3 hours and it only disappeared after i had dinner!

– it’s easier to apply and it goes on more opaque than NARS schiap

– it’s ALMOST kiss-proof! see picture below LOL

a smack on the cheek and it’s not so visible hehe. can pass as rosy cheeks LOL

what i dont like:

– i guess personally, it’ll be hard for me to pull it off. but it’s only because of my personal style. BUT i don’t care! hahaha.

– i liked the vanilla scent of the gloss, BUT it may be a bit overwhelming for others


mrskendz’ verdict: highly recommended!

this product is amazing!!! will i purchase again? probably NOT. because i don’t think i’ll ever finish this tube. HOWEVER, i WILL definitely buy more in different shades. i am already planning what shades to get! 🙂

hope you like this review guys! please leave a comment below for any questions…

good night everyone!


mrskendz and my VERY special guest 😀


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