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the other day, i saw this video in tanya burr’s youtube page (pixi2woo) and i had a blast watching them!!! 😀 the video was funny and sweet at the same time… and i wondered if hubby can actually do my makeup! so that night, as soon as we saw each other, i told him that he was going to do my makeup – and he gamely said okay! 🙂

i believe my hubby is “well-informed” when it comes to makeup… im 100% sure that he knows what eyeshadows, blushes or lipsticks are for! 🙂 i guess it’s because most of the time, he accompanies me when i buy my makeup or maybe because he is my #1 critic – i would always ask him how my makeup looks and he’d comment things like “you need more blush” hehe.

so what we did was, i asked him to go over my makeup stash and choose (i) eyeshadow, (ii) blush and (iii) lipstick. he had a hard time at first coz, admittedly, my makeup was all over the place hahaha he’d open a drawer and see blushes and eyeshadows stored together – it was his worst nightmare! (my hubby is a bit OC)

so he asked me “where are your nars products?” (my hubby knows nars!!! how COOL is that?) so i pointed the right drawer to him… he went thru all my nars stuff and chose rajasthan (eyeshadow) and torrid (blush). then i gave him my lipstick container for him to choose from. he then said “i want a red lipstick” so i showed him two red lipsticks and he chose MAC dubonnet (one of my all- time favorites)!!!

here’s comes the fun part – the makeup application! it was hilarious!!!! my hubby kept talking in english and pretended to be gay the ENTIRE time. i was laughing sooo hard but he kept reprimanding me and telling me NOT TO LAUGH because HE CANT APPLY THE MAKEUP PROPERLY. lol. it was really fun and im soooo happy that my hubby was sooo game! 🙂

here’s the end result:

sorry for the bloodshot eyes… it was already nighttime :p oh and i applied foundation and concealer on my undereye area 🙂

BUT the end result did look GOOD didn’t it??? 😀 i actually liked it!!!

although…i do think he needs to learn how to apply lipstick properly… LOL

oh and by the way, he nearly destroyed my lipstick! LOL he almost recapped without retracting the lipstick! i was like: “NOOOOOO” hahahhaa.

the eyeshadow was okay for me 🙂 needs a bit more blending – but for a first-timer, i think he did great 😀

it was loads of fun!!!! 😀 i actually video-taped the entire process so that i’d have a souvenir!

i tag everyone who is reading this post… hope you have as much fun as we did! 🙂



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