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my very first product launch… thanks to roche for the invite! 🙂

i’ve always liked celeteque – and im NOT saying that just because i came from their event! it’s true. there was a time in my life, where i swear by celeteque’s facial wash and moisturizer. sadly, they only had one variant at that time and i had to move to another brand to address the changing needs of my skin.

so, i’m happy to know that they have come up with different formulations to suit different skin types! 🙂 the line now featues products on Acne Solution, Brightening, Hydration, Restorative, Anti-Aging and Sun Care. 

during the launch, there were stations where you can test their products, skin checking / scanning and a dermatologist booth… sadly i wasn’t able to try any of them because: (i) i was wearing makeup and (ii) there were a lot of people who wanted to try 🙂

celeteque gave all the guests a huge goody bag – i was amazed when i saw how much products they gave us! 🙂

cute bag no? 😀

dami!!! 🙂

will definitely try their new products and let you know my feedback.


on a side note…

i was sooo happy to finally meet some of my fellow bloggers… (hi!!!) they were so nice and they talked to me eventhough i was the “new girl” 🙂 i admire most of them – seems like they’ve been to soooo many launches and they know what to do, they took everything in stride… whereas me? i was dumb-founded! hahaha

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