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tips: how to apply eyeliner

Posted on: August 8, 2011

a few friends of mine actually requested a post on applying eyeliner.

disclaimer: i am FAR from being an expert in applying eyeliner, i may also not know the BEST way of applying eyeliner. i just want to share what works best for ME and hope that you pick up a trick or two 🙂

before i go into detailed application techniques, want to share some information on eyeliners first – there are 4 kinds of eyeliners that you can choose from:

1 – eyeshadow – easiest to apply and gives a softer look. definitely no harsh lines when using eyeshadow as your liner! 🙂 can be applied dry or wet. downside: not long lasting. you will need an eyeliner brush that’s thin stiff and flat / slanted for a good application.

MAC carbon (a youtube gurus favorite!) with Sigma E65 brush

2 – eyeliner pencil – easy to apply but is prone to smudges and smears 😦 a trick that i use is to set it with eyeshadow (i.e. black eyeshadow for black pencil eyeliner) to make it last longer.

stila kajal eye liner in onyx (NOT the best eyeliner pencil – smears like mad! but great for the waterline)

3 – gel eyeliner – great lasting power! smudge and water proof. a bit harder to apply than pencil and eyeshadow but easier than applying liquid eyeliner. practice definitely makes perfect. you will need a fine eyeliner brush for easy application.

MAC fluidline in Dipdown with Sigma E65 and E05 brushes and Bobbi Brown Ultra Fine Eye Liner

4 – liquid eyeliner – takes a lot of patience and practice (i still haven’t mastered the application). staying power is awesome. smudge and water proof as well. may tend to look harsh because of the precision of the line.

STILA stay all day waterproof liquid eye liner

okay on to some detailed application techniques / tips…

  • apply eyeliner AFTER you apply your eye makeup. unless… you’re applying eyeshadow to set your liner or you want a less intense look.
  • i find that curling your lashes BEFORE applying eye liner helps, as it lifts the skin of your lids – making it easier to apply eyeliner closer to the lashline.
  • for eye pencils, i like to draw a few lines on my hand first to soften the product a bit (from the warmth). this will help for a smoother application.
  • when applying eyeliner (in whatever shape or form), i like to start around the mid-section of my upper eyelids and make my work to the outer corner. i apply with small short strokes –  just like connecting dots. or you can smudge the pencil into your lashline. just repeat the step until you get the thickness that you desire. i then make my way slowly to the inner corners, keeping the line very thin. usually you want your eyeliner to be really thin in the inner corners and gradually getting thicker as it moves outward.

connect the dots (ALSO sharpen your eyeliner for a more precise application! :D)

  • extend the line upward towards the end (following the natural shape of your eyes) for a semi cat-like look. this will give your eyes an instant lift as well! 😀

  • for eyeshadow or pencil liners, smudge the line using a q-tip for a more smokey look.
  • do NOT pull on your eyelids (unless you want wrinkles!). a trick i learned was, use a Q-tip to press down your eye lid. this will instantly lift your lids for easier application
  • line as close to your lashline as possible for a natural look (and it will make your eyelashes look thicker too!)
  • try NOT to be heavy-handed. it’s better to apply lightly first then go over the line for more intensity.
  • for a more intense look, apply eyeliner on your waterline. for everyday look, i really don’t recommend this because taking off all the makeup can be a real biatch!  ALSO please DO NOT attempt to use liquid eyeliner to line your waterline. definitely NOT recommended. try gel eyeliner instead 🙂

my BEST advice would be to practice practice practice! and experiment on different thickness of the liner. try thin to thick lines and see what works best for your feature! 🙂

hope this helps!

good luck.




8 Responses to "tips: how to apply eyeliner"

thanks for the tip! looks easy but actually, putting an eyeliner has always been a challenge for me.

thanks for the tip. i will now use qtips not finger! 🙂 i don’t want wrinkles! 🙂

– dj

Interesting info about the qtips! I never new that. Thanks for the help, I wish it really was that easy. I struggle every day!

practice makes perfect! 🙂 although kahit ako, i still make mistakes sometimes

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